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'Creative Thinking' Corporate Workshop for Outback Initiatives

"Sometimes life throws you challenges you’d rather avoid, but you just get on and do it anyway! Thank you for making me enter my uncomfortable zone and push through Aneta" – Louise

For many of us it's hard to imagine how confronting a blank page can be, but it's capable of bringing some to the verge of tears – and the pressure of the mark that we 'might' make on it, can be paralysing.

Many will argue that you 'can't teach creativity' – and I would probably agree ... but given that we are born creative, we are able to reconnect to this side that for too many of us over the years becomes neglected, repressed and shamed.

A 'safe space' where we can be introduced to the concept of there being 'no right or wrong' seems to be incredibly rare if not unique in our lives, and the perfect starting point to the journey where we give ourselves 'permission' to 'not care' and simply be curious about what might happen if we dare to try!

If you're interested in finding out more about giving your team a 'Creative Thinking' boost that will change not only the way they see themselves and each other, but how they contribute to ideas and innovation in the workplace, get in touch and see how we can work together to create a unique learning experience as part of your next Team Development Day with our Creative Corporates Workshops.

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