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SOLD OUT – EVOLVE festival 'community' charcoal + creativity workshop

We can't wait till this Saturday – when we get to run our SOLD OUT 'community' Charcoal and Chocolate workshop as part of the City of South Perth EVOLVE Winter Festival! 🙌

City of South Perth, Evolve Winter Festival promoting the Charcoal Drawing Workshop with Charcoal and Champagne

We are yet to find out who the lucky people are that will be joining us, but hopefully we get some families coming together – there is something special about the shared family experiences of drawing in this way and it has some powerful and unexpected benefits.

It is rare for adults to be in situations where they allow children to see them as 'imperfect', experiencing challenging situations or even to witness their journey of trying yet having things work out 'not quite' according to plan.

The creative journey of our workshops is designed to take each individual on a path where imperfection, limited control and failure are part of the FUN ... and interestingly, where children are on even ground with the adults and in fact, often excel in the creativity and imagination department.

The adults end up learning from the children, being 'reminded' of how wonderful it is to be fearless, wildly imaginative, and free in this space where there is no right or wrong. In turn, this unique way of acknowledging each other's struggles, wins, and unique perspectives feeds the children with confidence and a reason to celebrate their beautiful imaginations as a super-power.

What we often see play out in these workshops is very much aligned with the findings from NASA's famous Creativity Study, where a group of 1600 individuals were re-tested for creativity as they 'grew up' from children.

At the age of 4 and 5, 98 percent of the children in the study demonstrated a genius level of imagination when tested for their ability to come up with new and innovative ideas. However, after five years, at age 10, only 30 percent retained this level of imagination, and by age 15, it declined further to 12 percent. As adults, the percentage of individuals still in touch with their creative genius after years of schooling was found to be a disheartening 2 percent!

Curious? Check out more about our workshops :

Woman drawing with charcoal a model in costume at a Charcoal and Champagne event



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