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Reinvigorate your team's potential by reconnecting them to their creative selves, and each other.

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Engaging your colleagues in an inspiring and motivating way and introducing them to a different way of thinking, benefits the whole team no matter what they initially believe to be the limit of their creative ability!

Our Creative Corporates Workshops are designed to be fun and cater for all ages and levels of experience – from the nervous beginners, to those who might have more experience as a creative, but want to have a bit of fun pushing themselves out of their 'comfort zone'.

Ultimately, it really doesn’t matter who you are and what you think you can achieve creatively, you will find yourself working in a non-competitive, safe space as you are invited to simply do your 'best' as you take on the fun and at times 'mind bending' challenges designed to inspire personal development of each individuals’ 'creative flow' as they ‘let go', irrelevant to everyone else in the room.

There is NO right or wrong in the workshops.  

Technique is NOT a focus. 

At their very core, the workshops are designed to challenge the boxing-in of people who have been lead to believe they ‘are' or ‘are NOT' creative. Creativity is a fundamental part of everyday for everyone – we are born with it, it just needs to be nurtured.

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  • Trust, curiosity, confidence and tolerance

  • Creative thinking and lateral thinking skills

  • Intuition and vulnerability 

  • Demonstrate a basic process of innovation, generating ideas

  • Confront fears of failure and the need for control

  • Experience collaboration

  • Connect with colleagues in a unique and memorable way

  • A perfect ice-breaker or prelude to other activities

  • ... and they're loads of fun!



... The team had a fantastic day – and they all left with smiles on their faces and knowing each other a little better. The workshop was one of the best team building days that I have ever seen – I would recommend Aneta’s workshops for any organisation looking to bring their team closer together and encourage creative thinking.”

Kat Stewart

School of Business and Law