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Yes, our 'Charcoal and Champagne' classes are fun, and if that is all someone gets out of them - that is a huge success for us!

Behind all the fun and laughter however, lay a whole array of other benefits, and we sometimes get to work with some incredible individuals and organisations where together the full benefits of what we strive to offer gets an opportunity to shine.


We work with various Therapists and Counsellors like Isabel Andrews from Jigsaw, and Psychologists like Kirstin Bouse and her 'Conscious Mother Retreats'.  


Our workshops can be incorporated as part of the program, or as fun, yet personally challenging 'ice-breakers' which "help create a therapeutic environment and experience" for the participants.


We can also set up a number of themes that can then be further explored in therapy sessions, including comfort-zones, vulnerability and body image. (see testimonials below)


We love being part of wellness retreats and programs, adding a creative dimension.  Fully guided, they set the scene for amazing explorations of creative expression, vulnerability, connection, uniqueness and body acceptance just to name a few of the areas we touch on which nourish and  build creative confidence in individuals.


We can adapt our classes and their length to work in a whole range of settings suitable for groups including Corporates and SMEs ensuring they fit in with Wellness Programs and Events, even Conferences, providing a unique experiential-learning opportunity for you and your guests.


Schools can be highly stressful environments for both students and teachers. We work with schools in a number of ways. 

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Please take the time to provide all available information so we can provide you with an accurate quote.


We find ourselves in times with so much uncertainty around us.  Our workshops seek to create opportunities for people of all ages to 'unplug' from the chaos, and occasionally reconnect with the creative parts of themselves too often neglected.

If you have an idea for a collaboration, we'd love to hear from you.


Our workshops are specifically designed to be social and cater for all levels of experience, including those very individuals who are nervous about drawing or might believe' the stickman is the limit of their ability.

There is NO right or wrong in the classes, and technique is NOT a focus. 

Rather, it is a class designed to inspire the personal development of each individuals’ creativity, irrelevant to everyone else in the class.

The only thing required for someone to participate, is wanting to give something a go that they might not normally get an opportunity to do, and so, allow themselves to have a go at an unique experience, in a unique setting … and ultimately, the opportunity to ‘maybe’ surprise themselves with what they achieve whilst having a bit of fun and a laugh.

On another level, some might find it a little uncomfortable having a life-model before the class.

This is also a unique setting where the human body is celebrated and appreciated in a non-sexual arena. The models are all professional, comfortable with their bodies, and are of various shapes and sizes. 

I have a strong belief this too promotes a healthy attitude to body-image, challenging common media perceptions. Its a beautiful opportunity for students to respectfully observe and ‘celebrate' the form of the body in the class whilst interpreting to paper what they see. 

At its very core, I run the classes because I don’t believe in the boxing in of people who ‘are' or 'are not' creative.

Creativity is a fundamental part of everyday for everyone – we are born with it, it just needs to be nurtured.

All art materials are supplied as well as lighting and music is specially selected to set the right atmosphere.

Please feel free to read through some of the testimonials to get more of an idea about what people get out of the sessions, and please feel free to get in touch if you require any further information.

Aneta – Creativity Coach


"I asked Aneta and her 'Charcoal and Champagne' life-drawing classes to be part of my retreats and start the weekend’s activities. I was confident that the Charcoal and Champagne experience could help create a therapeutic environment and experience. Well it has done exactly that, each time it's been a truly powerful experience for the women and myself as the therapist. 


It gives me goose bumps to remember it.

I will be inviting Aneta to my retreats again! 


Kirstin Bouse

Clinical Psychologist

The Conscious Mother

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