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Jill Nash Hansen

"This was a really wonderful evening and I would recommend Aneta Wnek's class to those who enjoy to find their hidden talents. Added bonus with lovely cheeses, champagne, strawberries and chocolates.

This workshop was eye opening, I hold myself back from so much because I fear failure. Being in a safe space, able to explore your creativity with no pressure of perfection was so refreshing!!”


Kelly – Bachelorette

"Thank you @charcoalandchampagne it was such great fun having you celebrate with me & provide an afternoon of great challenges, laughs and smiles !!!!”


Tammy Stewart

"We had the absolute best day!!

Highly recommend this for anyone!!

Aneta is awesome and made the day so much fun and yet informative.

Thanks Aneta”


Annabel Hodsdon – Bachelorette

“Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous!


Thanks for being in on the surprise and ensuring we had a fun afternoon of many laughs and many glasses of champagne!"


Florence – KX PILATES 

"We spent a couple of hours with Aneta who hosts Charcoal and Champagne classes at our studio Christmas party and it was awesome. 

What a fun time and talk about trying something new!

Aneta took us through several techniques to draw a nude model with charcoal. It was amazing to connect with our creative side and let go of all our apprehensions, self criticism! 
And it was great to connect with each other. 

I may never be an artist and I’m ok with that! I loved trying it and will do it again without hesitation. 


So if you need a great activity to do with your friends and coworker, I highly recommend Charcoal and Champagne.  Check out @charcoalandchampagne you won’t regret it!


Carmen Jenner

"Love the body positive aspect. So much fun and liberating. Very impressed with Aneta's encouraging words and everyone's efforts. Anyone can draw in such a nurturing environment and with a beautiful model"


Mirelle Hopwood 

“Wow!!!!   Thank you Aneta!

An awesome night had by all - what a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion."



“When planning my team building day, I had specific themes, ideas and outcomes in mind. Aneta helped me incorporate these ideas into the workshop and made many helpful suggestions.


Aneta’s facilitation was engaging and all of the activities tied together well.


The team had a fantastic day – and they all left with smiles on their faces and knowing each other a little better.


The workshop was one of the best team building days that I have ever seen – I would recommend Aneta’s workshops for any organisation looking to bring their team closer together and encourage creative thinking.”


Caroline + Leah + Coral

"Be comfortably out of your comfort zone ❤️😊"

"I have enjoyed this SO much. I haven't drawn since high school and today has made me want to do more!! I love the human form and I want to be able to draw it and do it justice 😊 Today – SO MUCH FUN!! THANK YOU ❤️"

"This was the most FUN Ive had in a long time! Karen was such a beautiful model to draw and the setting was just gorgeous ❤️ "


Jo McKenney

“It was an AMAZING, AMAZING day, endless fun and laughs.

Who knew drawing could also be so relaxing. Thanks!"


Roy Aveling

"It's a fun evening with Aneta and the other Charcoalers - lots of laughs, very relaxed and we all surprised ourselves thanks to Aneta's relaxed focus on us reaching our uninhibited creative spaces, she made it surprisingly easy.


The champers, cheese and chocs were a bonus. If you think you can't draw or sketch, let Aneta help you clear that away. As a result, I've taken up sketching, which, for most of my life I didn't think I could do, now I know I can. Good work Aneta.


Amanda Yoga

"We had such a great time!


Thank you for your 'no rules’ instructions.


Looking forward to next time xx"


Karen Curley

"Thanks again for an amazing day lots of laughs and bringing out our creative sides



"Loved it!  We all are great Artists.


Thanks to Aneta we all discovered we all have creative talent. Anyone can do it. A fun night X"



"What a great event. Loved the experience and meeting new people. I even have a drawing I'm proud of!! xoxo"


Alison Birch

Thank you for an amazing experience . My group and I had such a fun day.


Thoroughly enjoyed every minute. Tapping into your artistic side is challenging but you made it easy. :)


Lanna Sawers-Diggins

"A perfect evening. It really would have been one of the nicest evenings I can remember for a long time - and while I proved I am not an artist - I REALLY enjoyed myself.


Thank you so much again to Aneta. Soooo looking forward to the next one." 



"Didn't think there was an artist in me, but even sold my first piece on the night ! .. A really fun night with a great bunch of other nervous budding artists"


Angelina Mary Frugiero

'What an amazing evening, thank you Ms Wnek for unleashing our artistic talents"


Jennifer Rose Bryant

"Wow!!! How much fun did we have! Thanks again Aneta Wnek, I highly recommend the Charcoal and Champagne experience to everyone!


A fantastic event to have done with the Business Women Australia BWA ladies – amazing"


Debbie Procter

"What an absolutely fun evening - thank you so much!!! Highly recommend this as a very tasteful, life drawing experience.


Fabulous experience - you have excelled Aneta, amazing "secret venue.., wow!", fabulous, engaging model who was most professional... A really fun, entertaining, professional evening - I had the time of my life and would do it again tomorrow!!!!


Thank you Aneta and Charcoal and Champagne!!!"


Jo Nasby

"A fun night at Aneta's Charcoal & Champagne evening. No champagne for me but I let the charcoal do its thing!!


I would recommend this for anyone who wants a challenge. Really enjoyed it. Thank you Aneta! "



"Thanks for a fun night ladies and to Aneta for teaching me a thing or two about drawing.


I really enjoyed myself :)"


Jo Saunders

"Last night I attended a very cool creative event where we learnt to look at things differently.


Thanks to the lovely model for letting us capture her. Thanks to the gorgeous and talented Aneta Wnek for encouraging us to step out of our comfort zone and give things a go.


I recommend this event for fm creativity and to get present in the moment. It was fabulous to be part of Louise's birthday celebrations too :)" 



"I thoroughly enjoyed the Charcoal and Champagne class and can recommend it for all levels of experience. It is rare to get an opportunity to do life drawing for fun and I certainly learnt something from it." 

Screenshot 2023-05-03 at 2.10.16 pm.png

Robert and Nora

"Can't say we weren't nervous – but it turned out to be a really creatively inspiring evening. We met a great group of people and even discovered we could draw.


Really fun night out as a couple too, highly recommend Charcoal and Champagne to anyone looking for something different to do in Perth ! "


Mikaela Miller‎

"I attended your life drawing class on Saturday night.


I really enjoyed it and thought it was great. I showed my 7 year old some of the nudity free pictures I drew and she was so intrigued by the process of drawing with charcoal and the little challenges that you set for us during class that she wanted to do them herself.


These are her drawings that she did today. Thank you for inspiring myself and her to try something different."


Vicki Sheedy

"Aneta thank you so much for an amazing night and experience. We all learnt so much and had heaps of fun as well. The photos are fantastic, we all look like real artists! We will definitely recommend your class to everyone. It really was a fantastic experience. You are totally amazing. X "


Nicola Nakon

"Absolutely a wonderful night. Full of laughter and some amazing drawings by all. Thank you so much Aneta Wnek. Highly recommend. Xx"


Ilona Vincze

"What a brilliant evening. Loved every moment. I knew I'd have fun, but didn't really expect I'd produce anything worthwhile ....but I surprised myself. Wonderful :-) thanks so much Aneta!


Anna Davis

Thanks Aneta for creating such a wonderful business 😊 whilst I was nervous before the workshop started, once we got into it, it was the most relaxed I had felt in months. Aneta was so warm and welcoming and created a really safe space for everyone to share and laugh and have a fun time. I felt inspired to get creative again and I definitely recommend giving this class a go xx


Chantelle Collinson

"Wow what an amazing experience.  Was totally terrified to attended the Charcoal and Champagne evening but I was totally surprised. 


Thoroughly enjoyed the whole evening and came home real proud of what I had achieved!  Aneta made me feel totally comfortable and the whole experience was just fantastic!"


Jo – Cottesloe

"Thank you for sharing your passion and talent to look at the world through a different 'lense' it was a fabulous evening with great creative energy. Big hugs xx" 


Kim McDonald

"Aneta’s teaching method’s were unique and effective. She challenged everyone to open their mind, and to see things in light and shade, rather than simply in conventional borders.


I walked in to the class as a drawer, and I think it’s not too bold to say that when I walked out, I was on my way to becoming an artist, or at least understanding art.


It is not often that one can see – quite literally – how much has been learned in the space of a couple of hours. I think this is valuable because it proves that people can develop skills completely outside of their comfort zone.


I expect that I will draw on this experience for confidence when I am next faced with performing a task that is outside my comfort zone.


I really enjoyed the class and I would be keen do a course. I think that doing things that are completely out of step with the rest of your daily routine helps to ensure a broad experience of life.


And of course, live art is a great reminder that beauty comes in many shapes and sizes."


Bonnie Durham

“I loved this class! If you've ever considered exploring your creativity - this is a safe and encouraging place to give it a go. Guided activities help to learn but the freedom is there to find your style. Not to mention the champers and a good laugh. PS I framed my ‘masterpiece’ I loved it so much!  🙌 Highly recommended.” 


Eve Perry

"I just wanted to say thank you for my experiences at your classes (Charcoal & Champagne pop-up and Big Drawing Workshop), you are a great teacher and you really inspired me to get back into my drawing and try a few new things. Since the classes I have got myself an easel and some charcoal and have started doing more and more drawing."


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