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Congratulations!  You've booked your Charcoal and Champagne experience ... but just before you send out the invitations, there are a few things you might find useful when planning your event : ​

Planning the schedule

  • We recommend you plan the workshop as the 1st activity for your celebrations. This will get you all into a great fun mood, plus it's a fabulous ice-breakerespecially if your guests don't know each other very well  ... and even if they do – it will set you all up with heaps to talk about afterwards!

Guest arrival time

  • We recommend you invite your guests to arrive about 1 hour before we are due to start the workshop to give everyone a chance to arrive, say hello and get a drink etc. Also, people are always getting lost or running late, and it is nice to start with everyone there and much less stressful for you, the organiser.

Number of guests

  • We understand that exact numbers of guests is hard to know sometimes until right before the workshop, so please ensure you update us with new numbers of expected guests, and the maybes  – there is NOTHING WORSE then someone showing up and feeling like they are missing out on getting the same special attention as the rest of the group. We would MUCH RATHER bring extra materials 'just-in-case'.


What to wear

  • You may also wish to suggest your guests don’t wear white. The workshop is actually NOT very messy, but we are using charcoal :)  Having said that, we have worked with groups who have worn white and it was fine.

​​​Indoors or outdoors?

  • Consider the weather when planning the area for the event. Remember the model (might be nude) and you want them and your guests to be comfortable.  In winter indoors are usually ok but some spaces get cold so consider a heater. Outdoors the weather can be unpredictable and it could get cold, windy or hot sitting in the sun for 2 hours so some people like to consider a backup plan for outdoor events.


  • Please provide the seating unless discussed otherwise with Aneta. When planning the space, we just need an area with seating (chairs and/or lounges) set up in a semi-circle around the model (no big table needed as will be blocking the view of the model).  

Catering your event

  • If you are catering the event yourself, we recommend a cheese or grazing platter with easy and 'not too messy' nibbles placed to the side that guests can start nibbling on from arrival. We are using our hands and fingers during the workshop so easy is good ... plus, your guests will be too distracted by their muse and drawing their masterpieces during the workshop to think about food !

  • If you wish to serve more significant food we recommend doing this AFTER the workshop or planning time in BEFORE the workshop so guests finish eating BEFORE we are due to start.

  • We of course LOVE bubbles as they seem to make everything a little more special – BUT it is your party so provide beverages best suited for your guests. 


  • We usually arrive about an hour before we are due to start the workshop to set up.  ​Please also allow for about an hour for packing up.


  • We like to sneak the model into a bathroom or room where they can change and wait for us to get started - we can discuss this on the day.​​


  • We take photos during the session so you can all relax and enjoy the workshop (We share these with you in coming weeks)

  • ​If you wish to take photos, that is no problem, just no photos of the model please.


Still have a question?

Ask away ... get in touch with Aneta!

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