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get your friends or colleagues together


It's not always easy to come up with a unique idea for an event, something that you know will remember for years to come!  That's why we've made it easy for you to add a little Charcoal and Champagne to your celebrations for a guaranteed way to make an impact in all the best ways.

Surprise your friends or colleagues with the addition of a secret ingredient to your Christmas Party that is guaranteed to get the fun started. Take them out of their comfort zones, get their creative juices flowing and fill the room with laughter as they take on the creative challenges set by their creativity coach, producing endless 'masterpieces' inspired by a fabulous model! 

Our award winning 'Charcoal and Champagne' workshops can be designed as bespoke adult or family friendly experiences.


Our guided life-drawing classes are cheeky and highly creative events where you and your guests will not only have fun, but might actually learn something, leaving as inspired 'budding artists'.



We can run events for small or large groups – we are a mobile service and are happy to come to you, or if you are looking to organise something extra special at a venue, we can help you with that too.


We believe the secret to a successful event lies in the detail so we bring everything from the lighting to music.


You will be in the experienced hands of your creativity coach and guided through our classes which are full of fun creative challenges. Your guests, no matter how 'amateur' or 'advanced' an artist they believe they are, will have a great time!

Your guests will feel challenged but not out of place or embarrased as there is no right-or-wrong in our classes, but rather, they are designed to inspire and push people's own idea of what is possible, even the most 'creative' of individuals - and the laughter is guaranteed.


Yes we do sometimes use nude models, but we are happy to organise costumed models too as we understand that it might not always be appropriate – and if you want something extra special we even have contortionists who will really delight and challenge the crowd !


Your guests receive their very own art folios at the end of the workshops as they graduate as 'budding artists', and to make this a memorable event even you the organiser can enjoy, we take the photos for you and gift you with a digital album to share with your guests and relive the fun of the event.

If you are interested in finding out more, the best place to start is a conversation - please get in touch either via the form or call Aneta on 0415 102 029.

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