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As we and the world fight a war with an invisible enemy, let's all do our bit and isolate whenever possible to reduce it's intensity and ability to spread.

If you can, try and make this into an opportunity to find some time to pick up a paintbrush, some charcoal or clay – you may find it's a powerful way to help you disconnect from the madness which is quickly filling up our heads with fear and anxiety .... and at least for a little while, escape by connecting with something beautiful - creativity, and a different kind of flow.

image credit : Claire Douglass, Venus Deleted

If you have a story of art making your Coronavirus experience a little easier for you, or a work in progress you'd like to share - please do, we are all in this together, even if so many of us have never felt so alone.

Stay kind to one another and I wish you and your loved ones good health and days filled with special moments at this difficult time.

We look forward to restarting our workshops and reconnecting with you all hopefully in the not too distant future when it is safe to do so.

🙏 Aneta x

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