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Aneta speaking 'Creativity' at SmartWomen Perth

🎤 What a delight to be invited to part of the recent SMARTwomen Perth event panel. It was an honour to share a glimpse of my journey with Charcoal and Champagne, all tied into the theme of 'Freedom from Self-sabotage'.

Being all about 'creativity' – I felt it was also the perfect opportunity to surprise our unsuspecting guests by inviting them to ‘let go’ of their inner perfectionists and get a little vulnerable with each other by connecting in a unique and beautiful way where working with the ancient medium of charcoal, they were invited to look at each other and drew each other’s portraits! 👩‍🎨

The moment I announced this activity, the room gasped with nerves and excitement before infectious laughter took over … and with a little gentle guidance to shift the focus off perfection and the need to please each other with the outcome – it was an absolute joy to see people absolutely indulge in having the opportunity to connect in this unique way where they were not only seen, but got to have a really good giggle at the fun masterpieces that resulted.

Think the smiles say it all 🤣 💛

"I found the experience both awkward and enlightening. Witnessing the vulnerability displayed by others during this exercise was an eye-opening moment, highlighting the common thread of human vulnerability" Jessica
"My quirky chin and smiling eyes perfectly captured by Anne in a speed drawing challenge. Loved this exercise" Elena

Enjoy the little snippet from the afternoon in this video – more photos from the event coming soon

🙏 THANK YOU Lizelle Hartley for having me as part of this wonderful event + THANK YOU to the rest of the fabulous panel of inspirational women on the day Kerryn Bricknell Mariana Logan Sally Hewitt Elaine Fraser Preetie Boler Amber Hodgson and the wonderful guests Louise Kelly Louise Matson Jo Saunders Isle Magsino Beake Jessica Bailey Jacqui Swingler Xahlia Jeffcote Elena Lennox Anne Hetherington Pam Accurso Annie Hill Oceania Settlements just to name a few !

📌 If you would like to find out how you can add a little Charcoal and Champagne to your next event, please do not hesitate to get in touch with me to have a chat or visit

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