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ARTICLE : Bonding Through Art

Communication is essential for bonding within relationships and it certainly doesn’t have to be verbal.

As featured in an article by Connect Hearing on ways to communicate without talking, Charcoal and Champagne life-drawing classes are happy to offer a unique opportunity for couples to bond and reconnect, via art. We run guided, pop-up life drawing classes and events, which are unisex and suitable for all levels of experience. All drawing materials are included, as well as a glass of French bubbly, cheeses and nibbles.

Creative Director, Aneta Wnek, loves to engage in the arts community and help people connect with the senses. Life drawing classes allow you to challenge how you see things, engage your senses in different ways and share an experience together that’s both creative and expressive. Art lets you step outside of your comfort zone and try something new, while working with your hands, observing and interpreting, as a way of non-verbal communication.

As a couple, you’ll learn to appreciate the human form from a fresh perspective, while supporting and engaging with each other during the process. By literally getting your hands dirty drawing and smudging charcoal with your fingers and seeing what you're capable of producing, communication becomes all about feeling and without the need for talking.

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