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"Building Creative Confidence, One Piece of Charcoal at a Time" by Wedding Upmarket

We've had a write up featuring a little of the back story about our founder, Aneta Wnek written by the Wedding Upmarket we thought some of you might enjoy ...

Wedding Upmarket brings together over 50 of Perth’s most creative wedding designers and suppliers under one roof at the University of Western Australia’s Winthrop Hall, specialising in helping couples looking for a personal, meaningful and unique wedding experience.

"Aneta Wnek, the Creative Coach of Charcoal and Champagne, actually ran her first life-drawing hens party for a friend about 15 years ago as a novel idea she had.

It was such a hit that despite not being able to do anything about it at the time as she was working full time, it simmered as an idea in the back of her mind for years until she quit her job as a creative director and started Charcoal and Champagne the business, as an experiment.

Seven years later, she hasn’t looked back!

Aneta now runs all kinds of workshops for private events as well as team-building and social pop-up for those who just want to join the fun on their own or with a couple of friends.

Hens Parties however, are one of her favourite workshops to run as she really get to work with groups of people where many of the guests may never normally attend an art class. This provides a wonderful opportunity for them to reconnect with that dormant creative side and surprise themselves in many fabulous ways!

It is an incredibly empowering experience for many. Being life-drawing classes, guests still get the cheeky nude experience but in a really different, classy and respectful artistic context where they actually learn something while getting to know each other – and the laughter is guaranteed!

Historically, hens parties have a terrible reputation for being, dare we say, ‘trashy’ – so there is always someone in the group who might be a little sceptical about this activity they’ve been roped into by the bridal party. The best thing is, Aneta is yet to meet someone who hasn’t been pleasantly surprised by how much they love the experience – even the mums and grandmas who bridesmaids sometimes pre-warn her about being supposedly conservative! Aneta strives for the Charcoal and Champagne experience to be heaps of fun – but on another level they are also very much about connection, rediscovery, learning something new and getting to know each other in a whole new way, even for those who have known each other all their lives.

“I love bringing unique creative experiences to so many who would not normally find the opportunity to engage in this way. By inviting people to join these workshops I invite them to be vulnerable, have fun and reconnect to a side of themselves often neglected, and maybe even forgotten as they got busy ‘growing up’.”

One of the most important aspects to the Charcoal and Champagne experience, is that they are not only just about learning to creating unique drawings of a muse, but they also about finding one’s own creative voice and building people’s creative confidence. Yes, the muse does come in the form of a life-model who is an integral part of the life-drawing experience.

This in itself is unique for many who may never have experienced seeing a nude person in public that isn’t sexualised or a stripper. It is quite a shock for them to experience how respectful the space Aneta creates is and how rare it is someone so comfortable in their own skin like this.

The coaching part of the workshops is designed to change the thinking behind how people approach each challenge that is set for them. They learn to celebrate uniqueness, intuition, personal expression, decision making and remove their need to please others, compete or compare themselves against others. Aneta says it is incredible how quickly this transforms the experience from just a fun thing to do, to a chance to reflect and take small lessons away that can be implemented in daily life. Charcoal and Champagne strives to keep reconnecting and empowering people who may have strayed from their childhood creative selves. Aneta aims to give people a unique experience where they can rediscover what it feels like to be an artist whilst confronting their hesitations of drawing the human form… armed with charcoal in one hand, and a glass of champagne in the other!

You can chat to Aneta at the upcoming Wedding Upmarket on Saturday 30th April, or visit her Instagram page for more information:



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