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Even Rove is getting in on some life-drawing action – join from home 8.30 tonight!

Have you wanted to give life drawing a go and been a little hesitant to join a class?

Tonight is your chance to join Rove McManus and a bunch of celebrities from the comfort of your own couch - and take a few tips as you take on the challenge.

They will be broadcasting from 8.30pm on SBS and the model will be available for you to draw without interruption to stream on a second monitor.

So get your charcoal or pencil or pen or whatever you can get your hands on and some paper and join in the fun – we'll be joining in quite curious to see how the format will work - either way it will be 2 hours of something different.

And don't forget - Charcoal and Champagne is here and ready for you to book your very own private event with your friends, family or colleagues and come out to you where you can do it all for real!

When is it on?

Saturday 4 July at 8.30pm 

How do I watch the broadcast?

On SBS at 8.30pm (with a delay in WA, NT and SA), or stream the show live across Australia at SBS On Demand from 8.30pm AEST

How do I draw along at home? 

Watch the separate ‘Pose Cam’, which will provide an uninterrupted stream of the life models Set yourself up on a second screen and sketch our models as they strike various poses. (Pose Cams relevant to each time zone will be available). 


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