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JOIN US 8 Sept: Changing minds about body-image through life-drawing

Ever wondered what attending a life-drawing class with a nude model might be like? .... It turns out the majority of people find the experience absolutely NOTHING like what they imagined it would be.

Join Aneta Wnek from Charcoal and Champagne at the upcoming WE inspire Women’s Wellness Week where she will be speaking about 'the things people carry in their heads which they bring into her life-drawing workshops ... that they are surprised to leave behind'.

What comes to mind for you at the idea of having a nude stranger stand in front of you – one you'll also need to draw?

Where do the ideas of perfection, vulnerability, permission, respect and control fit into your auto-response ... and how does that impact how you see yourself?

Follow the link to find out more about the full schedule of inspiration + speakers at WE INSPIRE Women's Wellness Week




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