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RN PODCAST : "Nudity, easels and the science of embodiment"

If you have a few minutes, this is a great insight into the science behind what happens when individuals engage in life-drawing.

I see it in my workshops every single time – the impact and the transformations are extraordinary – quite a beautiful thing to witness what happens to individuals as a result of experiencing the human body in this unique and empathetic way.

"Zoe Kean has always suspected that taking part in life drawing classes changes us - and now she's found a scientist who shares her curiosity and has begun to study the effect."

PODCAST by ABC RN - Sunday 3 November 2019

This talk was recorded at Ockham's Razor Live at the Beaker Street Festival in Hobart.

Presented by: Robyn Williams Guest: Zoe Kean - Darren Osborne regional science cadet, ABC Science

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