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We're taking over the air-waves Thursday on HIT 92.9!

EEK! ... YES we're getting a little excited!

Charcoal and Champagne are taking over 92.9 for a full hour on Thursday between 1-2pm.

We CAN'T WAIT to see what happens when Aneta Wnek unleashes 'Charcoal and Champagne' onto Xavier + Juelz + Pete as part of their 27 HOUR CHALLENGE.

YEP - we too love a challenge – a #visual workshop on the RADIO !!! 📻

What could go wrong ???? 😝

Well we'll do our best to keep you entertained – and sneak some #photos for you to check out later so watch this space 😎

TUNE IN and even join in ✍️ 🎨 🖤 🤣 😂 🥂

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