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Curious to know what people think of the Charcoal and Champagne experience?

Here are just a few hand written thoughts straight from our March workshop's participants! 🥰🙏

“At first I wasn’t sure what to expect but, as the class went on, I wished it went on longer. Thoroughly recommend the class!! It was fantastic!! Thank you” ❤️ Helen
“Thank you so much. That was so much more entertaining than I expected. I also learned a lot! Would definitely recommend to friends.” X
“I was better than I thought mostly. It’s a lovely way to spend an afternoon.” ❤️ Lisa
“Very enjoyable & a refreshing change for an activity. Thank you!”
“I really loved having a set project to get started, I lost myself in creativity” Justine xx
“It was a fun afternoon 😊 I feel more creative! Thank you!”
“I got everything out of it and I want more …”
“Charcoal and Champagne has beautiful energy and creative wisdom to share and help others go arty.”
“Enjoyed the openness and engagement of the whole class and being able to express my artistic side which gets put to the side at work” Max
“Openness and ability to open up and be mindful on the canvas. Thank you!” Selena
“To trust the process, to go with our intuition and embrace creativity. Thank you 😊 “

Absolutely warms the heart and feeds the soul ! A MASSIVE YAY 🙌 and thank you 🙏🌸 Aneta Wnek Founder + Creativity Coach Charcoal and Champagne



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