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Even anaesthesiologist's need a little help with their creative confidence!  

With busy lives and schedules – a social club event turned out to be the perfect occasion to bring some Charcoal and Champagne action to these medics.

We started with a few nervous individuals with more then a few suspicions about the tortures they worried they were about to endure – “I can’t draw to save my life” and “I can only draw a stick-person”.

By the simple nature of their work, anaesthesiologists, more then any other profession, ‘take all control away’ from their patients! – so this was going to be an interesting workshop!

Here they were invited into a space where there is no ‘right or wrong’, where they would be asked to “let go of control and perfection” and “trust a new and foreign process” lead by a stranger!

But dive in they did, and what followed was a really fun journey with lots of cringing, laughter and surprise as they slowly discovered new sides to themselves and each other – and even some hidden talents that challenged their own expectations of themselves.

It was really lovely to have so many of them come up to me at the end to and express how much they loved the workshop and how surprised they are about the outcome, pointing out that those who chose to not join them "really missed out!"

I was also delighted to hear that the portraits we did at the end of the session were going to find themselves on display as a mini exhibition back in their department in the hospital!

Wonderful to meet you all and thanks for coming along with us on this creative adventure!

Watch this space – more pictures to come.

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