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"Wellness Benefits of Creativity" – Aneta Wnek guest speaker at the BPW Business Incubator

What an enriching experience it was at the BPW Business Incubator 'Women in Business & Fashion Forum'! I had the privilege of being one of the guest speakers, invited to delve into the profound 'Wellness Benefits of Creativity.'
Creativity Coach Aneta Wnek looking excited just before she takes to the stage to talk about the Wellness Benefits of Creativity
Creativity Coach Aneta Wnek Speaking about "Wellness Benefits of Creativity" at the Women in Business & Fashion Forum

During my session, I aimed to create a fun and interactive experience for our guests, guiding them to explore the depths of their own creativity, pushing the boundaries of what they thought possible, and expanding their awareness of just how relevant creativity is in their lives.

Creativity and creative thinking offer a powerful means to break free from the chains of perfectionism and the constant need for control. They grant us the liberty to play, experiment, and venture into uncharted territories, all without the constraints of imitation.

These benefits, while deeply personal, are also integral in our rapidly evolving business landscape, where creativity plays a pivotal role in problem-solving, adaptability, and innovation.

As a creativity coach, I integrate principles from neuroscience and art therapy into my workshops, reawakening individuals' dormant inner artists. This, in turn, empowers them to embrace the superpower of thinking 'differently' and celebrating the beauty of 'being unique' and distinct.

Another critical aspect I addressed was the distortion of reality perpetuated by media, advertising, and social platforms.

The era of Photoshop, filters, clickbait, and the omnipresent fear of missing out (FOMO) has fueled a pervasive dissatisfaction with our own lives and a disconnection from the reality of the human body's natural form.

One of the distinctive features of our workshops is the challenging yet fun 'creative journey' our participants embark on, coupled with the inclusion of 'real,' everyday individuals as life models. These models not only defy the media's idealised version of perfection but also exude genuine contentment in their own skin.

Participants are invited to 'look,' study, and draw these nude bodies, embracing every curve, bump, line, and 'perfect imperfection.'

Research has demonstrated that such multisensory, immersive experiences can profoundly impact the participants mindset, reshaping their perception of their own bodies by fostering empathy and recalibrating their view of reality through the intriguing realms of mirroring and neuroscience.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Carol Hanon and the BPW Business Incubator for providing this opportunity to share these insights. And a big shout-out to our incredible guests who wholeheartedly embraced my cheeky surprise, relishing the unique opportunity to get a little vulnerable and sketch their 'new friend,' forging deeper connections and sharing plenty of laughter in the process – how fabulous are these portrait masterpieces from the night!?

Thank you for the wonderful feedback and I hope that everyone found value in both the talk and the creative experience.🙏

If you're eager to embark on a more profound journey into the realms of creativity, whether through a speaking engagement or one of our workshops designed for personal transformation and creative exploration, I invite you to connect with me, Aneta Wnek, your personal Creativity Coach from Charcoal and Champagne!

I look forward to getting creative with you!🌟

Get in touch to explore how we can add a dose of creativity to your next event!

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