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Hens fun doesn't have to be a 'shallow' experience

It’s hard not to love what I do when I get to meet beautiful people like these ladies – Meg and her bridesmaids.

I'm so full of gratitude that people trust me to take them through a journey of creativity that even in a setting of a fun and cheeky Hens party, can be a learning experience.

For Meg and the other guests the ‘Charcoal and Champagne’ workshop was a surprise organised by the bridesmaids who were a little nervous as work colleagues were also invited. And so at the end of the evening, it was really special to have Meg come up wanting to tell me that when she realised what the girls organises she thought it was probably going to be a ‘shallow experience’ – but was caught off guard to find how much she and the girls loved it, learning so much and even as a teacher was going to take away from my teaching style.

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