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PHOTOS from the 'Charcoal Creative Challenge' at Angelo Street Marketplace 2017

WOW ! ... Words can't describe the AMAZING energy created at our pop-up at the Angelo Street Marketplace in South Perth over the weekend – AND wait till you see the masterpieces!

We took four classes – in total 58 budding-artists back to the 70's space-age with our groovy-tunes and stretched their creativity with mind-bending challenges set by Aneta the creativity coach, whilst our fabulous Space-Babe and Bendy Space-Lizard man provided the fun, and at times mind-bending in themselves poses!

The classes were full of such an eclectic mix of festival-goers who were brave enough to sign up to a 'challenge' with no-idea of the treat awaiting them.

We really loved taking some of the fun of our 'Charcoal & Champagne' life-drawing classes we run for adults – and create a short, family-friendly version for our Angelo Street event - we might even do it again!

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