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GUESS WHO JUST WON 🏆 'Best Hens Parties in WA' 2023 – Charcoal and Champagne!

Charcoal and Champagne has just been re-crowned with the Best Hens Events category in Western Australia 2023 at the Wedding Industry Awards Australia!

THANK YOU!!! To everyone who took the time to vote for us!! It's just unbelievable to win AGAIN this year, and it's all thanks to the support of our incredible clients who trusted us to help them and the special people in their lives celebrate and share in a memorable experience on such momentous occasions.

What you may not know is that Charcoal and Champagne strives to be far from a typical art experience for participants, and ALWAYS pushes people outside their comfort zones, helping them surprise themselves with what they can do and connecting them to their inner creativity – and importantly, to each other!

YES, we are a fun and cheeky experience (we even guarantee the giggles), but we ALWAYS celebrate the human body in a respectful way. The 'Creative Journey' we take people on is designed to help shift their ideas of 'who they are' and 'how creativity fits into their lives' – YES, even in our hens' events, which we believe can be an enriching experience rather than the cliché.

I truly believe this is why our clients have taken the time to vote for us with one of their only 5 votes at the Wedding Industry Awards Australia, which ask them to choose their 5 best suppliers from their WHOLE wedding experience. I have so much gratitude for each and every one of them.

A huge shout-out to our fabulous models for providing the ‘inspiration’ and adding your unique vibes to our workshops.

Curious to find out more about our workshops? yes we do events that include social events, wellness workshops, team building and Christmas parties.... Get in touch with me, Aneta or get a quote here :


Founder + Creativity Coach

Charcoal and Champagne

🏆 WINNERS Best Best Hens Events in Western Australia - Wedding Industry Awards 2023

🏆 WINNERS of Best Hens Events in AUSTRALIA 2022 - Australian Wedding Awards

🏆WINNERS Best Best Hens Events in Western Australia - Wedding Industry Awards 2022



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