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Updated: May 28, 2021

One of the things that we encounter and LOVE to tackle on a regular basis in Charcoal and Champagne workshops, is how incredibly self-critical people can be. It is something easily observed as we work through the creative-challenges set during the sessions, and sometimes it shows up in a documented way, as in this fabulous example – a drawing of our model by one of our students which includes personal feedback notations added by the drawer.

Perfection, fear of failure, the need for control and expectations play a huge part in how we engage and experience things ... and this in turn can play into how we live our lives.

Art and creativity are a wonderful space where we can challenge some of these go-to responses as there really is no right-or-wrong in this arena, and rather then being left to ones own devices, working with a creativity coach can help bring attention to these responses helping individuals address them and find alternatives to their approach.

Gaining awareness provides an opportunity for self-reflection, and this can be incredibly empowering as suddenly individuals find the permission they need to start having fun, be curious, experiment and explore their own creative voice without judgement or ridicule. After-all, who cares if it all goes wrong in this safe-space ... in fact when in does, it may be that very unintended result that ends up being most interesting and surprisingly rewarding.

(Above) sometimes we ask students to leave us little notes about what they got out of the workshops "Learnt to let go!!".

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