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Charcoal & Champagne at The Conscious Mother Retreat in Bullsbrook

Its exciting to have Charcoal and Champagne joining forces with a worthy cause – The Conscious Mother Retreat Weekend with Kirstin Bouse..

We all have our vulnerabilities, and it is a unique and special opportunity to spend time appreciating something that is SO familiar – we all own one, yet so many of us don't fully appreciate it – the human form.

Spending time with a professional model who allows us to look, appreciate and interpret their body, whilst being guided by a Creative Coach in a unique lateral-thinking creative session, often has a surprising impact – changing the way individuals not only think of themselves, but also how they appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of a 'real' and far from photoshopped body ... and more often then not, discover along the way, that despite starting off as a complete amateur in the arts – that they ARE creative, and CAN actually draw.

If you're curious about the retreat itself and the work Kirstin does with Mothers as a psychologist ... you can find out more

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